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mardi 4 mars 2003

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On Saturday, August 30 a single-engine plane made an emergency landing in shallow water near the old U.S. military tank on the beach. The beach was crowded with tourists for Labor Day weekend. There were no injuries.

The pilot, Luis Urbina, reported engine trouble aboard the Caravan Cessna 208 on his flight from Fajardo. The plane’s motor shut down as it was making its approach to the airport. It was a little after noon when the plane skidded along the water’s surface and stopped near the shore in two to three feet of water.

According to police officer Sixto Colón, more than 1,000 people were on the beach at the time. Beachgoers and Municipal Guards rushed to the plane and pulled the passengers out. Urbina and his nine passengers walked away from the emergency landing. Some passengers sustained cuts and scrapes but no one was seriously hurt — including those on the beach. The injured were taken to the clinic and later released.

Police officer Edwin Feliciano reported that two of the passengers were from Chicago and the others were Puerto Rican visitors. The plane was operated by Isla Nena Air Service, which flies from San Juan and Fajardo to Culebra and Vieques. Ports Authority Director Miguel Soto Lacourt was at the scene and said the Federal Aviation Administration had been notified to conduct an investigation